Millie Bobby Brown sang a fun version of “Softly” and caused an uproar

Millie Bobby Brown he sang a fun version of “Softly” during their participation in The Tonight Showthe famous TV program from Jimmy Fallon.

From his house, and a video call, the young man played with the driver “Singing Whisper”, the section in which the guests sing and do mimicry of a familiar song and the driver, who sees the image without sound, you must guess what it is.

First Millie chose “Don’t Start Now”, one of the hits of the last album Dua Lipa. But, after that Fallon guessed quickly, the actress decided to go for something a bit more difficult. It was as well that he played, with singing and dancing included, “Softly”the theme of Luis Fonsi that is already a classic in all the world.

After several attempts, Millie had to to spell the word “Softly” to give you a help the presenter that, to be tempted of the laughter, did not understand anything of what was going on. After a couple of twists and turns, finally nodded and closed the program with humor.

Of course, the fun version of the exprotagonista of Stranger Things was not long in coming to the nets, where fans from all over shared their action. In addition, some revived their blooper of 2017, when he recorded singing the same song and, despite the great talent of her voice, made everyone laugh by his skills on the Spanish.

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