Natalía Barulích what the protagonist indirectly, of the new single by Maluma?


Juan Luis Londoño Arias, better known artistically as Maluma, has been in the crosshairs of his followers since he announced the release of his new single #ADMV, which means love of my life. It is worth mentioning that the song was going to be released this Friday, but decided to move it forwards.

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However, internet users quickly acquainted with your ex Natalia Barulích, as she used to call him as well. In addition, the paisa has also put a rose that was very representative for the two.

His followers did not fail to overlook the coincidences and shared some evidence in the social networks to which we are be no doubt of that, apparently, this is the model. Even so, up to the time none of the two has commented on the rumor.

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However, in a recent publication that made the model he confirmed that his relationship with Maluma is on the best of termsas he took the opportunity to write an emotional message thanking him for the opportunity he gave him to be the model of your video ‘Happy four’, a song with which it formed a relationship months later.

3 years ago… 1.5 billion views later, this video change my life. Thank you for letting me be a part of it“he wrote to remember the success of the song. In addition, the paisa was manifested in the publication with a heart.