New order, the worse disorder


First things first, as we are taught from the primary. But in the face of complexity and how difficult it is to live in it and from there try to think of it, there is more risk excursions that upon which the ancients called the whole. The truth is the whole, said Hegel and his disciples have not stopped to give the reason. Without thinking of the everything soon we will have to assume that we are lost. Lost in Translation is a movie by Sofia Coppola that deals with good and fine sense of humor, the cultural distances between Japan and the united States, as well as those between different generations american, between the ages and mindsets. The result is a fun box, ethnographic, where from then protrude the gorgeous Scarlett Johansson and the great comedian Bill Murray. The movie, barely remembered by his sent, gives to many games and metaphors.

Among the latter, I have more of the hand is “lost in globalization” as recently described to the world the French president Emmanuel Macrón in a splendid interview with the Financial Times. Beyond his arrogance, characteristic of their class and social standing technocratic, super-well-modulated in the Grands Ecoles, Macrón is presented as a man of State (the French State), with the safety and the wisdom that only produce years of service and the power. The theme is globalization, with a format of hyper market and claim policy planetary gave of himself since 2009, but are only just being recognized under the anguish, and the powerlessness of global us has inflicted on the pandemic caused by the Covid-19.

The exchange between the representative French and the messengers and exegetes of global capital do not have waste, although I don’t intend glosarlo. The interested reader can be found on YouTube and will be well served and taught about how useful it can be to visit, from time to time, the press international of quality.

But what do we do with “it” when Macrón calls to think the unthinkable? How to take our interdependence as human, as States, as nations? Perhaps, recover as central the principle that “we are all in the same boat” and we cannot free ourselves rather than together, it could be the starting point to imagine a renewed multilateralism to help us meet the many “events” as called by the representative frenchman, who will come or are already upon us: climate change or seizure of biodiversity; terrorism, supported by the technique; major disruption, not directly in the international economic financial order, throw out the little that we have with NAFTA and derivatives. In any case, proposed to the French, you have to admit that we are facing a “clash anthropological” and the evidence that the economy has no more primacy. Europe is in a moment of truth: your project is to do political or market? The representative French opted for the first one, but there is no guarantee that your well rooted look can be shared and turned into strategy.

What to do then, when we had begun to imagine as a whole aprehensible becomes a sort of golem able to destroy whatever you find to your step? Can we, to put the dilemma a little closer to our daily concerns, contain rational and define directions constructive to the globalization process? Not too long ago from various arenas of criticism, claimed that another world was possible and also “another” globalization. Now, under the shadow of a tragedy of incalculable proportions, the slogan wins validity and even credibility, at the same time that does not seem able to free itself in time from the policy knots and mental that define the difficulty of achieving it.

Governments, academia, business and trade organizations are engolosinaron with free trade seen as an end. Perhaps it is time to better understand it as a time transient of our own globalization, poorly thought out and worse executed by our leaders. Conceiving a new order and include their maps navigation should be, in the midst of this infamous storm, main task of critical thinking whose theories urge to recover and claim. Never as now the pragmatism is well-understood can be an essential tool to navigate the tragedy and its collapse. But, stay to the wait of a now yes!, another chance, can be worse than other raids with luck and chance.

If we recognize the interdependence as a principle, foundational, and fundamental, trasladémoslo to the field of the development and the action policies. Not worth already confuse the burning of gunpowder in infiernitos with the burning that is to come and not give you respite. As I said Macrón: overcomes the fear of sofocarnos…And death.