Of Catnapp in unorthodox to the talks of Jimmy …


#HacelaSimple The Tablets of the Grandfather cut off Interpretation, the anticipation for his upcoming albumof which had already been circulated The favor, Incontinence verbal and Further. There are also singles new The Prince Is An Idiot (Desire permanentwith the uruguayan Paul Higgs), of Blue Dream (Disobeywith samples of Donald Trump), Spanish Don Patricio (And to me what?which leverages the exposure of your session with BZRP), of the Ibiza Sarong (Here and nowwith remix DJ chilean Alejandro Paz), the ragman Bhavi (Candy, new foretaste of their upcoming EP, Butakas) and of the platenses Flower Blood – (The be).

#CualquieraPuedeGooglear Click you’re being filmed: artist-electronic argentina’s Catnapp, who five years ago lives in Berlin, is the DJ of the party, Esty catch on Unorthodox. Click today for you: the collection #ArtistasSolidarios meet merchandise for artists who can’t develop their work and ventures, due to the quarantine, since the 23/4 in cultural spaces like Roseti, the CC Eluney of Flowers or the Theater Half a World Congress.

#Screenshots Sale cycle of interviews, Jimmy Fallon, hand-in-hand with Pharrel Williams, Millie Bobby Brown, Ke$ha, Hugh Jackman, Will Ferrell or Kristen Wiig (22, 23 & 24/4 at midnight on OnDirecTV). And painted special about the legend manchesteriana The Smiths, with interviews and live recordings (24/4 21, DirecTV).

#EsViral The clan psychedelic suburbs The Kings of the Falsetto rounded The show at the end of the world vol 1, a disc of versions in quarantine of some of its most prominent themes. The hard-rockers, salta Mentalo also capitalized the isolation and pared recordings found in the documentary retrospective On the thresholdwith photos, videos, and records live.

#VideosConCrema The duo Defense joined forces with Sara Hebe for the single Fuckthat comes with video clip of weather gamer, and the appropriate verse “I don’t need to take the temperature.” In addition, Attaque 77 invited the video of the ballad A songrecorded at the barrio Rodrigo Bueno; Party Poses rose the animated video Reptilethe pop-rockers Desktop With the Two premiered the buenos aires and terracero clip Central squareand the singer urban Milo used the figure of the red thread for the So Happy.