Paiko celebrates 20 years in quarantine


Charismatic, fun, colorful, and very talkative, Tiger achieved notoriety in the year 1992 by the screens of Channel 9, in the space children “Kids Club ” from 9”, in which he remained on the air for 11 years. Two of them alongside the then-model of the extinct agency American, Patricia Hnatek, the other nine together with the also exmodelo Paola Hermann.

The same was interpreted by the actor, conductor and producer Juan Carlos Moreno, who is now back but on a different platform ,from Tv to social networks, specifically Instagram, the protagonist final in a time of quarantine.

In conversation with TODAY expressed his joy at being back with the endearing character, as in another facet, adapted to the new technologies and with a mentality much more extensive.

“It is more spicy, it messes with some political issues, and criticized, that is what I find interesting”, he starts by saying the master of the tables.

“Tiger Reporter,” it will be a space of humor and a lot of sarcasm in which the author of the famous phrase “pichiruchis” interview figures, recognized, mainly of art and communication, with a touch of acid, covering topics of today.

“The people who saw Tiger a few years ago, today they are at 30 or 33 years old or older, and is already thinking people, that is in the contingency daily from the top of the national agenda. To those people interested in an opinion fun with the humor and personality that the character had always. That is our goal, that within five or seven minutes of fun and laugh”.

Ensures that you would like to return to the Tv with Tiger because the acceptance on the part of the public is maintained and considers that the new generation does not have a reference as to what was Tiger in the 90’s in the ‘second screen’. “The first today is the phone.”

“The most wonderful thing of this character, for me, as an actor is the fact that people remember with so much affection and so much love, always where I’m going, talk to me with beautiful memories that is what makes me very happy,” says the artist.


The actor and playwright Hugo Robles, is one of the leaders of “Elansia: Ideas and content”, a production that will take it forward, “Tiger Reporter,” among other projects. Note that the idea arose in the middle of the quarantine.

“We are looking for a way to have fun and entertain in any way, it is something done in a very home, from a phone with the doll and with a guest”.

It will be a series of interviews where the conversation is held without the stress: “Many of us grew up with Tiger, so now that we are adults, points to a mood a bit different to what we were accustomed to see him.”

Robles indicates that the emission would be once a week, in principle, by means of live broadcasts.

Accompany Hugo and Cañete in the production Rodrigo Limousin and Ezequiel Bogado, with the collaboration of Jork Aveiro and Roberto Cardozo, the latter will also be the first guest in the space.

According to Hugo, the idea is also a way to continue creating despite the limitations of the quarantine: “Is to find a way to reinvent ourselves, try new languages, and above all try to do something, needed to feel happy, be”.