Paris Jackson will be jesus Christ in ‘Habit’, a musical indie chock-full of familiar faces | Now

Paris Jackson has decided to make a transfer of the modeling world to the movie. The daughter of Michael Jackson it will be one of the protagonists of the musical indie Habit, a film about a homeless woman out of the world of drugs that is pretending to be a nun and that has visions fetish with Jesus christ.

The daughter of the rhey pop will be the one who embodies the Messiah christian in these peculiar visions. Peculiar for two obvious reasons: she’s a woman (some reactionary groups be crossed out the film of blasphemy) and because it takes a nose piercing, something that differs greatly from the vision solemn that we have of Jesus in the christianity catholic.

Alongside Jackson will star in the movie pageBella Thorne, whom we have seen in the movie The Babysitter and in the series of 2015 Screamwhile the direction is in charge of a unknown Janell Shirtcliff, who recently shared a picture of the filming next to Thorne.

The rest of the cast is composed by musical stars such as Gavin Rossdale, lead singer of the british rock band Bush, and singers Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hincemembers of the duo rocker The Kills.

The producer of the film, Donovan Leitchsaid the team tried to include major rock stars to make the band sound even more powerful and attractive.

There is still no release date confirmed for the movie not official trailer. But we’ll find out: the groups religious most conservatives go on the attack to make him free publicity.


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