PHOTO: Well held Jennifer Lopez the Day of the Earth Is wonderful!


Jennifer Lopez surprised its more than 119 million followers on Instagramwith a sexy photo in bathing suit and with his attributes wet in what appears to be a “pool”, as the famous singer chose to show solidarity in the “Earth day” to raise awareness among their fans.

The female Latin singer showed that it is never too late to start worrying about environmental care, especially to have a great care for the natural resources that this provides us with; for during the pandemic by spread of Coronavirusmany have been the benefits that have been shown to an environmental improvement.

Since the quarantine or social isolation at home, has allowed a decrease in the amount of environmental pollution registered in several countries, and Jennifer Lopez not overlooked this fact, but also knew how to call the attention of their fans and as well make known their point of view on this issue.

Jennifer Lopez and Day of the Earth

In the photo we see the singer of “On The Floor”, wearing a close-fitting suit of white bath, which has a pronounced cleavage and left a closer look at the attributes and front of the singer, who also took his hair to the natural to create a palette of colors in her photography, simulating the looks of the land.

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This publication has already exceeded the 486 thousand 879 likes in less than one hour you shared it on Instagram, and even received a lot of comments, where it was commended to the famous Jennifer Lopez by having present the importance of environmental care; to be difficult times that celebrities like her and a lot of people have gone with the isolation by the threat of a COVID-19.

  • “Mother Earth… I Know aware of how you treat them. Love it and she will keep forever. #FelizdíadelaTierra”

“Beauty in human form”

“What’s most beautiful woman”

“You have all the reason Jlo”

Recalling that all the cultural activities that involve the entertainment industry, have been suspended or re-scheduled to later dates to the summer of 2020, but also the same thing has happened in the world economy, being almost many commercial sectors and health, the most affected.