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Anyone who has seen the Instagram or other networks Martha Debayle you know that is a woman that is VERY active. Martha go to the radio, to your office of MMK in Polanco, the shooting of your magazine Moi to record a commercial for a brand, your home a personal commitment… it is an extraordinary level of energy and loves to show it also with that great humor that you have in the videos they upload to social networks.

Therefore, in this quarantine that requires us as mexicans, and as citizens of the world stay at homewe ask ourselves: what and how do you Martha? Do not will be going crazy?

The answer is no because the business continues to from home doing your radio program, leading to your magazine and to all the team of your company. In addition, shares with us that has been put up to cook, thing that you don’t like, and even put together a puzzle of 500 thousand pieces.

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martha debayle We began to wonder and as in CLASS the love and admire you very much for your trajectory, we talked with her how she is coping with the quarantine, and what you do to stay active and entertaining.

Martha, what reflection have you done on this quarantine?

“I think that is a great lesson of patience, of prudence, but, above all, of creativity. We must exploit our imagination to reinvent the life in a different way. I think that far from being impatient or uncomfortable by being in the situation we are in, it is an extraordinary opportunity to do so many things and I start with a list: make that lots of things that you’ve always wanted to do in your house because you never had time to sort the closets, the garage, the kitchen, etc Second, you can also take advantage of to truly enjoy the people with which you live. In the rhythm of life that brought you no time even for the simple act of being in body and soul with the people you love. Third, I think that is a great exercise to reassess the way in which we lived before. I have been in deep reflection on the pace and the speed at which he lived. And do you know that? It’s an interesting time to analyze our scale of priorities and that every day we give importance”.

What attitude or value you’ve re-evaluated more in these weeks that you have been confined in your house?

“Prudence, we must be careful first of all. In our conduct and in control of our emotions because without a doubt it is a great challenge to be in how we handle our relationships, how we get angry, in the patience and compassion that we have for the other person that is living the same as us, being loving and choosing our battles.”

“It is time to be wise, merciful and more loving than ever because it is so easy to love you and be patient as you love yourself”.

martha debayle

How do you maintain that good mood in the house being locked up? What do you do?

“If you lived with me and my husband, I would say that zero (laughs). Many times I am in a very bad mood because obviously someone as active as I have the need to do so many things in a single day and, above all, the interaction with all my equipment in both the radio as the MMK is something that I miss very much. Despite the fact that in my house I have found plenty of things to do from sort photo albums that I have of my daughters since the day they were born, I do radio three hours in the morning from my house, all the days end and I board with my entire team, video conferences, I zoom, my pininos in the kitchen, you already know that cooking is not my thing, but the truth is that what I have done has left me pretty well. I think that there is a big difference between being active and being productive and I think that what we seek is to feel productive in whatever we do and see the result of the work.”

What you see right now to entertain you?

“I’m watching a documentary that is on Netflix that is called The Royal House of Windsor and tells the entire history of the house of Windsor that just started with the grandfather of queen Elizabeth, and tells much the story of his lineage. It’s super interesting. There is a documentary called the Tiger King now all the world is talking about it and yes it is spectacular.”

“I can also recommend some films great that are on the Apple TV, The Invisible Man, for all that I love suspense movies, and is with Elizabeth Moss. And also a Spanish film that are on Netflix as The Black Hole, which is very much the case in these times.”

martha debayle quarantine

What small tips can you give to women to take care of at home in this quarantine?

“There are several, but I would say:

The excuse of I don’t exercise because I don’t have time is over because in your home there are a number of apps and videos.

It is a good time because you don’t have to blow dry the hair or use tongs, or an iron or anything, so I’ve been taking care of your hair more than ever before. No me peino, me not alacio, I don’t get gun or pliers. A day yes and a day not I’m getting face masks in your hair, because I think that this is also a great opportunity to descansarlo and leave all of this quarantine as Rapunzel with hair to the waist spectacular.

You don’t have to apply makeup every day then you have now the time in the evenings and in the mornings to get cream, treatments, masks, oils, serums, etc

We can sleep our eight hours a day, then I think doing all this can we get out of this confinement, wearing very well.

Blanquéense teeth now that they can’t go to the dentist with baking powder, pónganselo in the finger wet and tállense a little teeth.

Many lotions to hydrate and tonic. Échense three or four different and complete their routine after washing the face and seal with a cream for your skin type.

Use serums because most of the people believe that what hydrates you it is the cream, but for all that suffer from dry skin, remember to use lots of serums that are the most moisturizing”.

What sentence would you like for these times so strange that we are living?

“This too shall pass… this too shall pass. In the words of my grandmother there is no evil that lasts a thousand years. The most important of all, never forget that our health is our responsibility, that is not delegated to anyone, and that some do not do the right thing does not exempt us from see by it. Stay in your houses”.

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