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This Thursday will start the editing 85 of the recruitment of collegiate, NFL, the event that opens the year of activity of the League and this year will go down in history for being a unique presentation, performed at a distance through video conferencing and with one overriding goal: to raise funds in support of the fight against the SARS-CoV-2.

The League has focused on avoiding technological incidents, but it will be up to this night we will know if you were able to avoid disconnections, hacks or slowdowns, as this will be the first time in history that a Draft is done this way.

Will be 255 selections that will complete the Draft that will end until Saturday, but tonight will be the 32 most important, because the first round includes, at least theoretically, the best players available.

The League has referred to this as the Draft-A-Thona fundraising campaign to mass to help those affected by the covid-19. Donations may be made in, and all proceeds will go to six charities, non-profit daily struggle in the first line against the coronavirus.

To date, the family NFL has committed more than $ 50 million to help in the fight against the covid-19, and even though there is not an estimate, it is expected that the collection during the Draft is also huge.


The sporty look, the doubts biggest fall on the teams that will choose to take over at quarterback. With the first overall pick, the Bengals of Cincinnati seem to have it all figured out a long time and are expected to take the winner of the Heisman, Joe Burrow; but the exciting part comes later, as the Miami Dolphins and the Chargers of Los Angeles will have to decide if the best option is the highly skilled, but prone to injuries Tua Tagovailoa or the effective, though a little eccentric, Justin Herbert.

Dolphins and Chargers have the fifth and sixth pick respectively, so that Washington, Detroit and the Giants can take advantage of being above them and create a chaos by accepting a change… with them or with some other team that is interested in improving its position.

In addition to the approximately dozen quarterbacks that will be allotted on the three days of the event, many receivers and linemen offensive, which are the positions most recurrent among those eligible, will be appointed, so that will occupy also an important place.


And there would not only be recruiting players, thus accompanying the strengthening of the equipment and also offer a great show, with personalities of the artistic medium as Kevin Hart, Kelly Clarkson, Luke Bryan, H. E. R., Leslie Odom Jr., OneRepublic, Offset, Storm Reid, Reginae Carter, Jennifer Hudson, DJ Khaled, Brad Paisley and characters of the grate as Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, Travis Kelce, Cam Jordan, Michael Strahan, Larry Fitzgerald, and Kirk Cousins… and that’s nothing more between those who are committed.


By removing the leagues of Nicaragua, and Belarus, as well as the tournaments, virtual, recruiting, collegiate will be the only sports event this month of April.

We will cover a part of the peculiarities of this edition, and we will do a dynamic to predict the first five selections in the digital version of this collaboration.

To be a hybrid that combines sports, strategy, and human resources, the recruitment 2020 the NFL could keep their dates original and seems to have done at least a couple of months the digital transformation to which all companies aspire to.

It has not been an easy task for Michelle McKenna, the director of Technology of the League. The NFL will have 58 to a remote location in the houses of the players.

They have all been trained in groups to handle the mini-sets of TV mount with mobile phones serving as cameras, lighting, microphones and headphones.

It helps that those recruited will be digital natives, Centennials born surrounded by technology, and totally familiar with it.


Those 58 will be only the houses of the prospective recruited. In total will be 130 locations by adding up to 32 coaches-in-chief more 32 sports directors.

The challenge will be huge as it will lead to filter more than 100 live streams, and does not have technical faults both in transmission and in each and every one of the 255 selections, of the 32 teams, during the 7 rounds.

The transmission will be joint between ESPN and the NFL Network. ABC (subsidiary of Walt Disney Company as ESPN) will have a separate feed for those who prefer that alternative in american territory.

It is worth mentioning that this edition will have a component beneficial style Telethon in social networks and through hands-on experiences, and auctions, to add funds and efforts against the covid-19.

Recruitment is a very followed by the fans to the NFL.

One of its main attributes is the hope of all the fans of each one of the computers. Hope that the selection of your team (in inverse sense to the ranking) is key to winning a championship.

On this occasion, that hope is for everyone, hence the importance of keeping the date in this edition and the goal is not only to improve your team, but to beat the virus-enemy of everyone now.



Despite the pandemic that is live, the NFL did not move the date of the completion of the Draft this year.

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