removed the claim for breach of 2017


There are so many who will remember the lawsuit that put Chris Brown in 2017, for an alleged violation. Now, almost three years later, this lawsuit, in asking for 17 million dollars for the artist has been lifted.

According to the official documents, Thursday the charges dropped against all the parties involved in the case. It was Jane Doethe alleged victim, who withdrew all the allegations that three years ago she had put on Brown and Lowell Grissom, a friend of the artist – by physical aggression, sexual and gender-based violence.

All indications are that the three parties have come to an agreement. However, in the document presented for the withdrawal of the charges, not mentioned no financial compensation.

Chris Brown is removed from above one of the accusations most media of the last few years

The incident occurred in February 2017 when Jane attended a party at the home of Chris Tarzana. According to his words, they took the mobile to the enter the house and offered to different drugs to, later, to force her to have sex with Chris Brown and Lowell Grissom. In addition, he said that moments after He raped her repeatedly.

The case is mediatizó at the time, due to the history of the artist and his past with Rihanna. In addition, the lawyer for Jane Doe was Gloria Allred, known for having formed part of the allegation in the complaints that have led to people like Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein or R. Kelly to prison.

The news is all a relief to Chris Brown. Others like Snoop Dogg live relieved, both that are animated with new business as your new wine, remembering to criminal british.