Results from day 2 of the Tournament for the Championship Cruise of NXT


By Romina Lugo – PUBLISHED on 23/04/2020 AT 02:27

During the transmission of NXT via the USA Network completed the first round of the tournament to determine who will be the next Champion Cruise Acting the yellow mark. Remember that each participant will have a total of three fights against each member of the group and who have the greatest number of wins within the same will qualify to the grand final where you can win the title.

The program began with the struggles of the Group. In the first place Drake Maverick faced Jake Atlas. Before you begin the fight, both fighters emphasized that they had a target spot: Maverick, recently fired from the company, the company will seek to recover your work by winning the tournament while Atlas’d like to demonstrate that his arrival to NXT will be to be the best competitor of all. In a battle,even Jake Atlas, obtained the victory realizándole a superkick followed by carwhell DDT to knock down the former general manager of 205 Live.

Who also form part of the same group are KUSHIDA and Tony Nese those who fought each other. After several attempts of llaveo, Nese applied to a 450 from the third rope but his opponent avoided the three count. After a struggle, KUSHIDA manages to make a wrench to the arm to Nese and so KUSHIDA gets the victory via sumissión. With Atlas became, until the moment, the leaders of Group A.

For part of the group B The Son of the Phantom made his debut in NXT with a victory over Gentleman Jake Gallegher. Throughout the fight Gallegher tried to unmask the Mexican, and have even struck against the canvas of the ringside. On the end, Ghost performs a quick roll up and as a Gentleman, I was still trying to take off the mask, took advantage of that distraction to take the opponent’s shoulders and connect to a samoan driver for the win. Ghost next to Akira Tozawa tie for first place of Group B.

In this way, the table of positions is as follows:

Group A:

  • Jake Atlas (1 victories/0 losses)

  • KUSHIDA (1 win/0 defeats)

  • Drake Maverick (0 wins/1 losses)

  • Tony Nese (0 wins/1 losses)

Group B:

  • Akira Tozawa (1 victories/0 losses)

  • The Son of the Phantom (1 victories/0 losses)

  • Isaiah “Swerve” Scott (0 wins/1 losses)

  • Gentleman Jake Gallegher (0 wins/1 losses)

The Son of the Ghost is attacked after his match

While he was in the parking lot, the Son of The Ghost he continued by thanking the support of the fans and expressed happiness to represent latinos. Suddenly a black car slowed down beside him and fell two masked men who tried to kidnap him. Ghost attacked both yelling, “I’m mexican” and got the kidnappers to flee the place.

With this segment you could rule out the rumor that the Son Of the Phantom would be the leader of a new group along with Raúl Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde (who previously were abducted by the masked ones), however, a cry of “come on” would have revealed that the mysterious men speak in Spanish.

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Romina Lugo

Romina Lugo
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