Rosalie changes her black hair for blonde, cause furor in social networks


The famous Spanish singer Rosalia surprised his millions of followers on Instagram the filtered a photo with a amazing change of look, as it went from its hair brunette to blonde looking almost unrecognizable.

Remember that a few weeks ago Rosalia decided to cut the fringe, looking really beautiful, clear as a result of the quarantine, as many celebrities have opted for some changes of look.

He is currently one of the artists most listened to on a global levelspecializing in the genre being urban, but there is no doubt that any genre is to perfection.

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This time he surprised many with the other great change of look which had for some occasion, as it leaked a photograph which was made by one of her followers.

The photography is divided in two, the one on the left looks like the hair fully blonde with bangs, as you are currently using and in the image on the right is shown with his black hair as you have it from a while ago.

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This photo sparked a great debate among many of its followers, as every one who decided how it is that it looks better the singer.

Rosalia Vila Tobella attained global fame thanks to Badlythe first single from his album bad love, unleashing hence its great fame.

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Recently unveiled some details of their future collaborations musical next to Travis Scott and Billie Eilish, something that certainly has excited thousands of people.

Song which I had thought to launch but declined to do so because of the situation that we find ourselves in currently, so that has not been in a hurry in finishing it, but instead premiered its simple Hurt, which has been a great success since its launch.

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I believe that is already almost finished, yesterday I ended up with the arrangements and feel that the production and the sound as they are, lack that Billie send me your voice and the ideas you have for the topic, because it is already almost”, he commented on the song Rosalia.