Salma Hayek gets sentimental and sends a tender message For whom?


Salma Hayek, it is very sentimental in your account Instagram was taking advantage of this 22 of April to celebrate an important date, but it is not your wedding anniversary or the birthday of your children or family, but that could be romantic to celebrate the Earth day.

And is that 22 this is carried out by the “Earth Day” for which some famous have used his time to remind his fans how important it is to care for the planet, to preserve it for many more years.

In that sense, the Hollywood actress said that, although the world is going through a moment unfortunate for the quarantine to cause the coronavirus, the mother earth has thanked the confinement, as you can see that the animals are starting to appear in areas where it’s not looked at them, as well as the waters have seen more crystal clear.

“In this 50th anniversary of the #diadelatierra finally gave him a break. By the #quarantine the wildlife back to the waters once again clear, and there is a decrease in pollution, among many other benefits,” he said.

What most caught the attention in the publication was the photo, it looks to the famous kissing and hugging a tree so that some of the comments referred to her beauty, “who was the tree, that kiss me as well”, no shortage of compliments.

Look at the picture of Salma Hayek

A few hours of its publication received hundreds of likes, and also comments on those who shared his opinion about the day of the earth.

By the way, Salma Hayek became a trend after that she confesses to some strange requests that he made some of Hollywood directors who never gave him the chance to do roles that were not part of the sex bomb Latin so that although it is prepared to fund, they always asked the same stereotype.

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Even the famous confession that the directors asked him to sound more silly and talk more quickly, so they saw them to Latinos in the united states.