Salma Hayek will express all your love to a tree for Earth Day


Salma Hayek took advantage of this Wednesday be the Day the Earth send out a message for all that has been achieved in spite of the time of quarantine on the planet and your care environment.

He says that by order in this 50 anniversary of Earth Day in the end “we gave him a break.”

Also, thanks to this, the wildlife has returned to the waters again clean, it has recorded a decrease in pollution, among many other benefits.

“(…) But perhaps most importantly, it has put a lot of people have taken the time to appreciate the spring, take loving care to your plants and gardens, (if you are crazy like me – sing!), listen to the birds, and more than ever, thank to our Mother Earth.”, he wrote in his account in Instagram.

He also shared a video where she hugs and kisses a tree in gratitude.

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