Sam Smith confesses that he had coronavirus


His sister started to suffer high fever, headache and extreme sensitivity in muscle, which he confirmed to them that something was wrong.

Sam Smith and his sister remained aloof from his family, especially his grandmother, left for three weeks to protect them and to prevent further spread mass in London.

“We didn’t want to put anyone at risk, especially because our grandmother is already very old. And taking into account that the whole world has been isolated since then, luckily I’ve been able to wear it better,” said the interpreter, ‘How do you sleep?’.

Despite the fact that now you both feel better, Sam Smith also talked about how to be quarantined inspired him to keep singing, he mentions that he suddenly saw them singing old songs in your home during the first two weeks of its isolation.

Last week, the artist presented his new song ‘I’m Ready’ with Demi Lovato, accompanied by a video style eighties, the two appear in a sort of olympics, accompanied by several stars, for example, the drag queens Valentina and Gigi Goode.