So accommodation is more expensive in the world


At this point in the year, if not for the pandemic of coronavirus already be planning a trip of the most exciting to an exotic country or any european capital. But surely your vacation will not be for nothing as the of the world’s elite, which can allow the luxury of purchasing or renting luxury homes in which to spend seasons retreat loaded with amenities and far from the madding crowd.

And if not, tell that to Mohammed bin Salman, heir to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, who spent a real fortune (around $ 300 million, that is to say, close to 275 million euros) in a palace of 20.234 hectares inspired by the French monarchy, absolutist, before the Revolution of 1789, located in Louveciennes, in Versailles. Immediately, it has become on the real property more expensive around the world, according to reports ‘The New York Post’.

In its basement there is a large wine cellar with nearly 3,000 bottles, doors of gold, two dance halls, a movie theater, and two swimming pools

The castle, baptized as ‘Louis XIV’ precisely, it was built by Emad Khashoggi, the nephew of the former billionaire Adnan Khashoggi, dedicated to the sale of arms, who remodeled it as a French chateau in Louveciennes to finish rebuilding this, according to reports ‘The New York Times’.

As can be seen in the images, the castle was built to look old, specifically of the time of the absolute monarchy French, with all those typical elements that can be found in the palaces and French-style gardens with fountains, lights, shrubs, giant, rides straight and endless, and up to huge pools in which to cool off in summer. All this can be controlled from the iPhone.

Khashoggi said that this was one of the dreams that he had always had throughout his life

In addition, in the basement there is a cellar vast wine stored about 3,000 bottles, doors and different shortcuts gold-plated, fresh drawn, two ballrooms, a court for playing squash, a movie theater, and two swimming pools. Without a doubt, an idyllic place in which to spend a dream holiday. In addition, the lounge underground is full of works of art of inestimable value, belonging to the personal collection of Mohammad bin Salman.


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Perhaps what is most impressive, and what differentiates it from other luxury residences, it is your meditation room subacuáutica built in the moat of the castle, according to the newspaper ‘The Sun’‘. In it, you can sit and watch the koi and sturgeon swim in its upper part. Without a doubt, an experience of the most enviable and unforgettable, that have already tested famous as Kim Kardashian, who did not hesitate to immortalize the moment by uploading to your account of Instagram:

When Bin Salman what did not, he knew that no one would find out. Therefore, he concealed the property, using shell companies in France and Luzemburgo. After various investigations, it was discovered that these companies were under the umbrella of Eight Investment Company, a signature arabia managed by the head of the foundation staff of the prince. Emad Khashoggi, the nephew of the mutimillonario Adnan Khashoggi, invested in the property, ending with the original model of the castle, which dates back to the NINETEENTH century to rebuild it later on with the technological innovations characteristic of the present day.

“Khashoggi said that this was one of the dreams that he had always had throughout his life,” said the mayor of the French region of Louveciennes, Marianne Merlinoto ‘The New York Times’. “This palace is the most, as that of Versailles. It has achieved something truly incredible.” Judging by the images, there is no doubt that you are going to feel how between its walls.