Terrible: Jennifer Lpez receives harsh reviews after you have done this. How could?


Jennifer Lopez est in the mouth of all after having celebrated birthday number 12 She, the daughter of her fiance Alex Rodrguez.

Although compliance years in quarantine are not the best, it is necessary to take measures to prevent the propagation del virus. And the singer not had quite this in mind.

The celebration was conducted in the park of the mansion that the artist share with Alex and the friends of the media were present but in the cars of their parents.

The holding-const singing the happy birthday to Her and spreading the wealth to his companions, who were away.

But the new yorker he received strong reviews after having organized a meeting of similar size. Even though she was using a cover mouth, their children do not.

What ridiculous! There is No consciousness, As a figure public should lead by example, Not respecting the rules only because they have money, were some of the comments that I received the interpreter On the floor.

Many other followers, tried to see the positive side to the action of the also actress but the health emergency in the United States is a fact that you can’t play.