The 8 best moments of Camilo in our POP Talks


In an exclusive chat with Laura Tobón for our POP Talks, howCamilo he talked to us about everything!

Evalunathe Montaner, its beginnings, Shakira, write to reggaetoneras, which makes it in the quarantine, absolutely everything. Watch the video with the best moments of our Instagram Live with the singer-songwriter colombian 26 years.

The past month of February, Camilo married with the also actress and singer venezuelan Evaluna Montaner.

This week he released his third album: For The First Time, which he described in Instagram as “an album craft. Home made”. There includes topics such as Favorite, Rodeo, For The First Time and even the remix of Tutu he recorded with Shakira in October of last year.

“This album was born at home, in family, hand-made. And although I say artist, I consider myself a craftsman. What we write in the room, we produced in the quarter, we recorded vocals in closets, seated in the shoes. If it weren’t for The Tribe and if it wasn’t for God there is no chance none that I am where I am”, he wrote Camilo in Instagram.

“Here, read the stories of someone who started to write, I believed that I lived in. Until she started to live. Love remains the greatest revolution, that is why, between the cracks, always will be born a flower”.

Camilo, disk For the First Time