The before and after of the actors from Drake and Josh at 16 years of its release


16 years ago, Nickelodeon released a series of comedy more popular among the children and adolescents of that era and quickly became its flagship programme over the years: Drake and Josh.

The sitcomas it is known to this class of television programmes, told the story of Drake Parker and Josh Nicholstwo half-brothers facing a new adventure and strange situations of adolescents in each episode, always accompanied (or affected) by the small and very naughty Megan Parker, younger sister of Drake.

The series lasted four seasons with a total of 60 episodes were released from 9 January 2004 until 11 September 2007.

Launched to stardom the most of your cast main and its success was reflected in multiple nominations and awards in deliveries as Kids Choice Awards in editions of the united States, Australia, United Kingdom, in addition to the Young Artist Awards and Casting Society of America.

After his term, each member of the cast took different paths in their professional careers, this is what they have done.

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The before and after of the actors of iCarly

The actors built their own careers within and outside of the action, after the success that meant iCarly nearly 13 years ago

Drake Bell as Drake Parker

Played the stepbrother popular, fun, attractive, and most beloved of the duo. In addition to being a typical teenager, he dedicated himself to the music.

Before Drake and Josh, the actor already had several works for television series and movies.

During his participation in Drake and Josh, the actor participated in the film yours, mine and ours along with his coestrella Miranda Cosgrove.

Later he released his first two albums Telegraph and It’s Only Time.

In the following years he worked in the movies Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh, A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner and L. A Slasher.

Now dedicated to music pop rock and modeling for luxury brands such as Gucci.

Josh Peck as Josh Nichols

It was another half-brother, the less attractive and popular, but the most intelligent and cuddly.

Next to Drake, I was a victim of the evils of Megan.

The actor rose to fame with the duo of teenagers, but years earlier he had worked with Bell in The Amanda Showbetween 2000 and 2002.

Then the end of Drake and Josh, worked on the film projects of The Wackness, Drillbit Taylor, Merry Christmas: Drake and Josh, Locating Silver Lake, The Mindy Project, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Currently is preparing to interpret to Scott Turner in the series adaptation of Disney Plus Turner and Hooch.

Miranda Cosgrove as Megan Parker

Was the little sister of Drake and the stepsister of Josh. In each chapter exceeds the intelligence of the protagonists, with mischief and wickedness.

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After the end of the series, the actress took part in her greatest success with the series sister iCarly Nickelodeon, later made the movies Despicable Me and its aftermath, giving voice to Margo.

In 2012 he decided to focus on his studies, and entered the University of Southern California with a career in film that changed Psychology.

In 2015 he returned to the recording studios to work on the productions Spaced Out and Crowed. However, he lived the failure of which led her to withdraw temporarily from the action and focus in your academic career.

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Jonathan Goldstein as Walter Nichols

It was the dad of Josh Nichols, in addition to a meteorologist, unfortunate, and awkward, and was married to the mother of Drake, Audrey.

After the end of the series, Goldstein got minor roles in The Riches, The Starter Wife, Parks and Recreation and Grey’s Anatomy.

He has acted in the movies Teacher of the year, Golden State and Flashout.

She recently participated in a recurrent way in Suspense, Rom 96 and Essense of Love.

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Nancy Sullivan as Audrey Parker-Nichols

It was the mother of Drake and Megan. With a more strict and demanding than Walter, was the head of the family.

Before Drake and Joshthe actress shared credits with their coestrellas in The Amanda Show.

After finishing the series, Sullivan acted in Squirrel Boy, Merry Christmas: Drake and Josh, All Kids Count and Monster Island. Currently is preparing to interpret to Didi Pickles in the action live of Rugrats.

Yvette Nicole Brown as Helen

In the series she played the head of Josh in the cinema where he worked. Helen was a demanding woman, but it’s fun.

Recorded 7th Heaven, Two and a Half Man, That ‘70s Show, Malcolm in the Middle and That’s so Raven while working with the step-siblings.

The career of Brown took off after the end of Drake and Josh, was called to appear in Dreamgirls, Community, The Odd Couple, The Larger, Elena of Aworth Witching Hour, The Big Fib, Hotels for Dogs, 500 Days of Summer Percy Jackson, Avengers: Endgame and The Ugly Truth.

Jerry Trainor as Crazy Steve

It was a recurring character that shared the place of work with Josh and Helen in the cinema.

His talent and charisma established themselves as one of the actors of Nickelodeon’s most successful after Drake and Josh, she starred in iCarly together to Miranda Cosgroveobtained a role in the series Wendell & Winnie, he lent his voice to the series TUFF Puppy, participated in Still of King, Star vs. the Forces of Evil and Alex & Me.

Also he was signed for Netflix to act in the series Not Good Nick, and had the opportunity of debuting in the music industry with his band Nice Enough People.

Allison Scagliotti as Mindy Crenshaw

In the series, Allison epitomized the rich bride and smart and very competitive, Josh.

After the end of the series that put her on the look, the actress appeared in Zoey 101, One Tree Hill, Merry Christmas: Drake and Josh, My Name is Jerry and The Vampire Diaries


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