The Covid Art Museum, the museum of art at the time of Covid-19


Listen the note:

Due to the pandemic by Covid-19, the people in the world have had to change routines and activities, while to some times are difficult, others find it to be a time of change, transformation and creativity, so it came about The Covid Art Museum.

The virtual museum was created by Irene Llorca, Emma Calvo and José Guerrerooriginating from Barcelona, Spain, who through their page gather works of art with the theme of the coronavirus.

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The purpose of the The Covid Art Museum, is to collect the works created by artists who are inspired by the impact it has generated the Covid-19, to function as a historical archive.

In accordance with Intriper, the creators of the virtual museum ensure that you run the risk of forgetting how the people lived through the pandemic, and with The Covid Art Museum they pretend that this does not happen.

The account of Instagram already exceeds 46 thousand followers, and you’re thinking of how to continue with the initiative at the end of the insulation.

Artists can send their works by tagging the account, by direct message or hashtag #CovidArtMuseum.