The father of Rihanna thanks to his daughter to save him from coronavirus


The father of the singer barbadense Rihanna, Ronald Fenty, he confessed that the artist saved him from dying of covid-19, to buy a mechanical ventilator and sent to Barbados. “Got in contact with me daily to make sure he was ok. The truth is that I thought I was going to die,” said Ronald in an interview with the british The Sun.

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“I have to say: I love you so very much Robyn. You’ve done so much for me and I appreciate it from the heart”added. The father of Rihanna also spent 14 days in an isolation center, to avoid the further spread of the virus. It is now free of the disease, and makes a call to the rest of the population of Barbados to care for themselves and remain in their homes.

A few months ago, the interpreter of “Work” had reported to his father by using his name without consent to sign economic agreements. Independent of this, did not hesitate to help his father at the time was affected by the coronavirus, and let all the tensions behind for the moment. Ron ensures that he talks to his daughter almost every day.

Rihanna has also made news lately for his arduous struggle against the covid-19. Has made donations through their Foundation Clara Lionel, has donated ventilators to their country of birth, Barbados, and has joined forces with other influential people like the creator of Twitter Jack Dorsey for you to donate money.

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