The incredible and expensive mansion that he just bought Selena Gomez


Know the impressive mansion in the Selena Gomez passes the quarantine, it is envy!

Selena Gomez it is one of the star who likes to invest his fortune in beautiful homes and mansions, but his most recent acquisition, it is really awesome!

Selena spent the small fortune of $ 4.5 million on the mansion which was the property of Tom Petty, and with 1000 square metres spread over three floors with a design in the style ‘country chic’.

The beautiful mansion that is located in California, has 6 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a swimming pool, a yoga room, a recording studio, kitchen, outdoor kitchen interior for chef and more. CHECK OUT THE PHOTOS HERE.

It is said that it is in this house where Selena is going through the quarantine, because of the place in which it is located, enjoys incredible privacy and quiet.

The new mansion Selena you are amazing, don’t you think?

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