‘The Justin Bieber’ of the Charros of Jalisco are ready to come back and be champion | THE BAT


The serpentinero right, Austin Bibens-Dirkx, is one of the foreign elements that have been confirmed by the Manager of a Sports Charros de Jalisco, Ray Padilla, so that he will live his second experience in the Liga Mexicana del Pacífico (LMP) with the albiazules, in the season 2020-2021:

Honestly, it was amazing to come to Mexico, I had been in Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, but I have to accept that the LMP is, possibly, my favorite place to play winter ball and already I look forward to the next campaign.”

While it is true that, had never played in our country, Bibens-Dirkx took the time to ask how was the LMP and quickly realized what he was going to face; in addition, he confesses what was the most difficult to adapt in the league, as well as easier, leaving to see his weakness for the kitchen aztec.

The most complicated part was adjusting the height of a city as Guadalajara, never played in a place as high as this and this affects the releases we do, do not fall as much or move much of the area; I think the simplest thing to do to me, to be in Mexico, it was the food, I love tacos, all kinds of mexican food and even spicy”.

Aware of the current situation that lives the whole world before the pandemic COVID-19, this expresses the native of Salem, Oregon:

I’m in my house, waiting for the start of the MLB, I hope that nothing is cancelled and even though we know that sooner or later we will come back, we miss you, leave and go play baseball; I hope also that it does not affect the start of the leagues winter because there are some rumors that MLB would end later than usual.”

Finally, the “Justin Bieber” of the Charros of Jalisco confessed that:

The team itself came up short last year,” but that “Charro makes the things very well, the goal next year is to be champions and, personally, I compete and I will try to give my teammates the chance to win every time you climb to the hill”.

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