The mother of Beyonce, Tina, pays tribute to the nurse friend who died after serving in the first line


The mother of Beyonce, Tina Lawson, has paid a moving tribute to his late honor who passed away sadly after getting COVID-19 while working at the front line as a nurse.

The mother of Beyonce, Tina Lawson, is mourning the loss of his old friend, who died of coronavirus.

The entrepreneur, 66-year-old, who also takes on Solange, 33 years old, the father of Beyonce, Mathew Knowles, has posted a touching tribute to his friend deceased, Sheila Campbell, who was his honor, and unfortunately died after working in the front line as a nurse.

Tina recalled how Beyonce, of 38 years, was a flower girl at the wedding of Sheila and admitted that it is “the saddest thing” that health care workers are losing their lives while trying to fight the disease.

Next to a photo of the creator of the hits “irreplaceable” as a flower girl at the wedding of Sheila, Tina wrote: “I Received the saddest news about my former roommate and one of my best friends Sheila Campbell.

“She died yesterday!

“It was so beautiful, so kind, and a nurse.

“She was my maid of honor at my wedding, And Beyonce was his flower girl at his wedding.

“To lose our health workers who are fighting for our families and us what is most sad.

“These are real people with real families. Sheila has a beautiful daughter, Courtney, who lost her precious mother. These health workers are dying of this disease.”

Meanwhile, Tina, who was married to the second husband Richard Lawson in 2015, recently shared a video of his granddaughter Blue Ivy, Beyonce, and the eldest daughter of her husband Jay-Z, encouraging everyone to wash their hands to help prevent the spread of the deadly virus.

In the clip, you could see Blue, of eight years, which shows how the soap may remove dirt from the hands in a bowl.

Alongside the video, Tina wrote: “PSA Blue.

“My brilliant granddaughter Blue did this experiment to show how to wash hands to combat the virus.”

In the short clip, Blue, who is the elder sister of the twin’s Sir and Rumi two years ago, he says: “Hi everyone, and while we are trapped at home, I have this little experiment of DIY that you can do At home also.

“That is why it is important to wash your hands.”

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