The new life of tracksuit grey: of not wanting to take it to be the perfect purchase


Given that the trends of spring-summer 2020 have experienced an unexpected twist, the zip codes are now the same do not depart from what is strictly comfortable, sporty or directly home. To a large extent, we have been witnesses of the the resurgence of the tracksuit as the set star these months and with a lot of difference with respect to the rest of the garments. The tendency already pointed out the ways in the past year, it comes as ring to the finger right now all over the world, including your celebrities reference. Subject to exceptions as Kaia Gerber and Gizele Oliveira with his jeansa surprising amount of influencers and models they have surrendered to the charms of the tracksuit and, specifically, to the one very specific. Hailey Bieber, whose style the has become the ambassador of the tracksuit West Hollywood, is one of the leaders in the morning joggers color grey. But it is not the only… Take note of all the celebrities who do not renounce to a classic, comfortable and on-trend pant tracksuit bottoms grey.

This is the clothing of homespun favorite of the celebrities