The risks of using Zoom


HERMOSILLO, Sonora.- Due to the pandemic coronavirus, has resorted to the “kindness” of the internet to cope with jobs, business and classes as long as it complies with the recommendations of staying at home. One of the applications that has excelled during these days of imprisonment has been Zoomwhich works to make group video calls.

However, increasingly, there are more cases that leave exposed the inefficient security and privacy provided by this company to its users, starting with the sending data to Facebookalthough the users with Zoom do not have account in this social network.

According to the company’s asian, led by Eric S. Yuan, to the end of march, fixed the bug with Facebook, which sent data about the location, zone and devices.

But this it was only the beginning for a myriad of problems during the pandemic.

Prohibition of your use

The warnings of personalities like Elon Musk or dependencies such as the NASA were a low blow to Zoom, although not enough to curb the popularity of the conferencing application.

Both Musk as NASA called it, to their employees do not use this program to avoid security problems at the beginning of this month. After this and the situation with Facebook, Zoom issued apologies for security issues discovered and say that the calls use encryption point-to-point, when it’s not true, ” according to Reuters.

Zoom bombing

The interruptions of third parties on the video have already coined the term “Zoom bombing”. Thousands of users have experienced, at different levels ranging of the discomfort and the unpleasantness.

The most recent case is that of a kind of architecture made by the University of Flores (UFLO) in Argentina, where they were engaged 152 people. For two minutes, a third party got in and began to transmit the violation to a minor.

This, with the paid version of the platform.

“The architecture professors were those who were supposed to coordinate the activity and by the 11:30 one of the participants of the meeting, which we understand was not a legitimate user, took control of the talk despite not having the powers because it was not the host, and it began to transmit content of child pornography for a couple of minutes,” said the vice chancellor of the UFLO, Cristian Kreber.

The university was instructed to notify the authorities and Zoom, in addition to offering psychological help for the people who were affected during the videoconference.

The video had no sound, there was no legend, no poster. In addition it was so shockeante, we were all so shocked, no one expected to see something like this, ever,” said the professor of this institution, Diego López de Murillas.

In United Stateshave been reported a large number of cases of violation of privacy in video calls, especially on academic issues.

For example, the case of Ceri Weber, who defended his thesis for obtaining his doctorate at Duke University when echoes and voices disrupted. Someone was repeating his words in a tone of mockery. After he started playing music of Britney Spears and someone said to Weber to shut up. Someone threatened to rape her.

According to the AP, this situation has attracted the attention of the FBI and other security agencies.

Video uploaded to the network

Most of 15 thousand videos call Zoom can be seen when you search for the name of the application in browsers. This was discovered by the chief technology officer of Disconnect, and former researcher for the National Security Agency of the united States, Patrick Jackson.

Realizing this situation, notified the company asian and the middle to The Washington Post.

The content exposed in videos uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, and storage spaces Amazon contain contents of private companies, classes for children, psychotherapy sessions and medical journals.

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