The time that Scarlett Johansson stunned the world with a minidress black: PHOTO


Once more the actress Scarlett Johansson surprise to his followers, although in reality it is a time in the past, it is good to remember the time that the actress left with the mouth open to the whole world, yes throughout the world.

And although the actress Avengers always looks beautiful, there are moments in which Johansson really exaggerates with her beauty and sensuality.

I leave you with the mouth open to all

Your smile, face, hair, eyes and perfect body makes Scarlett Johansson be one of the women most admired and desired Hollywood.

It is always good to remember those moments that are impregnated in the memory as the day that the actress History and a marriage arrived to a red carpet wearing an minidress black.

The time he not only lived the present, but that was then viralizado by fans in the social networks, and it is that that outfit was worthy of him to give him the round-the-world.

Photo: Special
Photo: Special

By: Writing Digital The Herald Mexico