The true identity of Donald Glover in ‘Spider-Man Homecoming’ was revealed and no one noticed


The renowned actor and singer made a special appearance in the film of 2017 that surprised everyone by the role that embodied, as it gives to many occurrences in the world of the superhero spider -, but little has been spoken of that since deliveries as ‘Endgame’ and ‘Far From Home’ were released, but it is time to bring these topics back, as there is evidence of the true identity of Donald Glover in ‘Spider-Man’s Homecoming’.

As is known, the MCU, modifies it to their taste, the history of their characters, because what would be relevant to see what you can find in the comics? It is true that there are details that you cannot change, such as the tragic story of uncle Ben, but there are others that you may modify at your convenience, as the Mandarin. It is for this reason that many wondered if the history of the character who played Glover (Aaron Davis) would be identical to the comics.

That response would be implied since its debut. The true identity of Donald Glover in ‘Spider-Man Homecoming’ was revealed and no one noticed until a real fan climbed up on Reddit a picture where it shows us the importance of stopping to see every detail. Davis is known for his to alter ego, The Powlerin the film mentions that he has a nephew, which is miles, Morales.

This is important to know because when it comes out the card with your record shows that one of his aliases is Brian Pichelli, in reference to Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli, who are the creators of Thousands of Moral, a character that fans have expected to see in a live-action, which could be the third instalment of ‘Spider-Man’, but we will have to wait a while since the coronavirus to pause the production until further notice.