The video of Lorenzo Tinelli singing with Dante Ortega


In the middle of the controversy that surrounds Marcelo Tinelli after his return to Buenos Aires with his entire family in full quarantine, Guillermina Valdes put on a cloak of piety, and shared with you all a video of their children Lolo Tinelli and Dante Ortega singing “Tusa”the theme of Karol G and Nicki Minaj who continues to be the rage after the summer.

“This is the luck of having children artists giving magic to the quarantine”said the model, actress and entrepreneur in the video I shared both on Twitter and Instagram, with the particularity that covered the face of his son with the driver ShowMatch with the sticker. “In-House” launched by the platform of the images which serves to label the stories in which people show how they are spending time at your home during the quarantine caused by the pandemic coronavirus and the measures taken by the Government during the state of alarm, and which is also used to encourage other internet users to stay home to prevent the spread of the COVID-19.

Minutes later, Valdes, perhaps in an effort to curb the wave of emails full of criticism that they leave, retuiteó a message Yoko Ono which reads: “Love can save the world. Continues to transform the negative energy into positive energy, through love”.

Dante, the eldest son of Wilhelmina and Sebastian Ortegaalso published the video on its own account and commented on his younger brother, who birthday this 18 of April.: “I love you. Refined quite! She is 6 years old hahahaha”wrote the 19-year-old.

In fact, days ago Dante gave a version of the same song Karol G together with a friend and shared it on the network.

However, the grandson of Palito Ortega and Evangelina Salazar it is not the only one who expresses his artistic talent since he was a child. His sister Dove as showed in 2011, his love for painting, although in 2018 was launched as a model of the agency of Lorena Ceriscioli.

“The Big Head” celebrated the union of artistic Lolo and Dante replicating the tweet of Guillermina and putting a row of hearts.

Recall that after the scandal that was generated by your trip to Esquel on the 19th of march last, and of a first back injured and failed, the current president of Club Atlético San Lorenzo de Almagro arrived in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires around 1 in the morning of this Wednesday, the 22nd.

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