the writer clarifies infamous hole in the plot of Marty McFly

This article contains spoilers from Back to the Future, although you really should already have seen considering that celebrated its 35th anniversary this year.

An age-old debate of fans of Back to the Future on one of the holes in the frame received was resurrected via Twitter this week, a viral sensation that even caught the attention of the scriptwriter of the film, Bob Gale, who came to clarify the matter.

The debate – rekindled by the list of trends “5 perfect movies” – it was about why the parents of Marty McFly did not recognize him as Calvin Klein, the teenager who organized their romance in the years 50, when he returned to his home in the 1980s. And is that, do you believe that George and Lorraine McFly don’t recognize their son Marty and his friend from high school Calvin?

The director of Guardians of the Galaxy, James Gunn, joined the debate to tweet: “Back to the Future, it might be imperfect (why mom and dad don’t remember Marty?), but still would argue that it is a perfect movie because there are reasons why this might be the case. Or maybe I’m in denial. Who knows.”

The tweet of Gunn encouraged his star of the Guardians, Chris Pratt, to suggest: “Maybe to remember it, not as Marty, as Calvin. When Marty returns to the present of 1985, may have been years since their parents had noticed originally the uncanny resemblance between your son and that boy from high school 20 years before.”

The suggestion of Pratt turned out to be in line with the reasoning offered by the screenwriter of Back to the Future, Bob Gale, who clarified the matter to The Hollywood Reporter.

Keep in mind that George and Lorraine only knew Marty / Calvin for six days when they were 17 years old, and didn’t even saw each one of those six days. So, many years later, could still remember that boy’s interesting that the joined at your first appointment,” explained Gale.

But I would ask anyone who thinks in their own high school days and ask yourself how well you remember a child that might have been in their school for a semester. Or someone with whom you went out only once,“said Gale. “If you do not have a reference photo, after 25 years, you probably would only have a memory of a blur.”

Gale added that the majority of parents could give a look to their high school yearbooks and see peers at the time who now seem to their own children.

Then, do you believe that the explanation from Gale addresses this debate from Back to the Future?

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