These are the comedians mexicans that are entering to TikTok


Jijijí, jajajá…

Seem far away the times when we could go outside, when no one had TikTok more that the teenagers but in times of quarantine happens on the contrary therefore became our favorite network to be idle. In this social network are not just videos of guys and girls that seem to be carved by the very gods of olympus, because when integrated over many people saw the opportunity to showcase their talents or to share their knowledge having few that teach you several things and I’m not saying that you learned a choreography of TikTok is less important that the account that teaches you how to use Excel, but that there is knowledge of all and for all.

Also other characters that were integrated were actors, singers, and many more characters of the public life. Not only JBalvin, Danna Paola or Mia Khalifa have been doing challenges or a little bit of comedy, but that several comedians and standuperos have joined the social network both to create content and to follow the trends in comedy that if there is.

Although I’m sure that soon we will be integrating more and more in addition to that TikTok can that is already part of our lives after the pandemic, we have found some comedians famous that you can follow in TikTok

Jorge Falcón

If you are very young I am sure that you don’t know this comedian but had its period gold out there from the 90’s and 2000’s. It was a comedian who was distinguished for his skill of gestures in the face killing you with laughter, in addition to already have well structured their performances with characters, and a lot of things extremely creative.

Carlos Eduardo Rico

Also of the old school, this comic had its golden age in the 90’s and 2000’s had very good jokes that ranged from the more innocent, even for adults. This account itself is not of him, rather it is your child that makes jokes all the time or even now do TikToks together. We have No doubt that at any time you create your own account.

Daniel Sosa

This standupero that he has even had his special on Netflix, also joined TikTok and is the creator of content within the social network, in addition to that many of their tiktoks have echo viral.

Sofia Niño de Rivera

This actress and standupera like that Daniel Sosa has had his special on Netflix is joined TikTok, she creates content on the social network but also into the trends of comedy.