this is how Kylie Jenner has left to see to break their quarantine

The quarantine is being a litmus test for all those who live in a society where the normal thing is to make life away from home. Many celebrities have helped spread the message of the importance of remaining in our homes to stop the spread of the coronavirus, and they have wanted to lead by example by maintaining the confinement, even though it wasn’t required in your country. Kylie Jenner it just broke though what has attracted attention has been the aspect that has come to the street: barefootin tracksuit bottoms and no make up.

We all have very clear what is the public image of Kylie Jenner. The influencer, who has returned to be named the multi-billion dollar youngest made herself by Forbes, you have calculated every detail of their looks either to go to a party or to take a selfie.

Kylie Jenner and her second look for the Met Gala 2019 with a wig in blue neon

Kylie Jenner and her second look for the Met Gala 2019 with a wig in blue neon

That’s why the latest photos circulating of her in the networks have left many surprised. And is that Kylie Jenner has been completed, at least in exceptional circumstances, your quarantine, and has taken to the street to see a friend.

The little sister of the clan Kardashian
has been captured by the paparazzi and the truth is that his appearance is a far cry from the usual. For a start, Kylie Jenner has left aside his garments more stylish and have made do with a tracksuit, yes, of the type colorless so fashionable they are.


In his face you can appreciate that it won’t take a drop of makeup, something very rare in it since it is the queen of palettes of shadows and lipsticks. In addition, it has also discarded its famous wigs and has appeared with his natural hair tied in a small bun behind the head.

But without a doubt, the detail that has most impacted your community of followers (and also the most critical) is that it was barefoot in the street. The photos show Kylie Jenner entering her car after stopping to buy some food in a shop.


Kylie Jenner has decided to break its confinement to visit his new best friend, Stassie Karanikolau, who does not stop sharing photo sessions after that his relationship with Jordyn Woods finished as the rosary of the aurora when this had an affair with the husband of her sister, Khloé Kardashian, Tristan Thompson.

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