To congratulate Amber Heard on her birthday, we rain down the criticism of Warner Bros


Amber Heard is maintained as figure undesirable in Hollywood and the social media show once more. Warner Bros. he congratulated the actress for her birthday, number 34 in this April 22, but the users of Twitter do not forgive. The official account of Aquaman – 73% took the time to send a happy day to Heard and the comments were filled with protests and insults. It is clear that the stay of Amber in the DCEU is not well received by the fans, not after the scandals in which it has been involved.

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Amber Heard it was well received by fans of the DCEU to the end of 2018 after its emergence as princess Mera Aquaman. The character impressed the audience with his cunning, skills for action and great beauty, winning the hearts of millions in a short time. But the high flight of the actress would not last. Already in the past had had problems related to the divorce of Johnny Depp and the accusations of domestic violence, but when the actor sued for defamation began its course down the slope.

Little by little, Amber Heard he became a figure non grata in the industry hollywood. Confrontations with her ex-husband were ever more voracious, both by presenting all the evidence possible to stop in bad position to the other. The months went by and the situation seemed to have no end, but things took a radical turn just several weeks.

If Amber Heard I already had some of the disadvantages prior to the beginning of February his situation became desperate. Leaked some audio where you will hear insulting Johnny Depp and reveal their true intentions that seek to harm him. Fans of the actor took to the material as a basis to defend your idol and good fame of Heard sank into the abyss.

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Since February, Amber Heard has paralyzed their activity on Twitter, while Instagram has limited comments to only authorized accounts can write to the foot of your images. Once in a while we like to provoke the defenders of Johnny Depp sharing with you what is “nice” that is their life, but what is certain is that the work increasingly difficult and its presence in the DCEU undesirable. Do you will retain your place in Aquaman 2?

Here are some of the comments against Amber Heard placed on the publication of Warner Bros.

#JusticeForJohnnyDepp. Amber Heard were assaulted by Johnny Depp when their children were at home: ‘I Saw Amber attack Johnny, scratching, pulling and tugging aggressively on him’.

Disgusting. If she were a man I would be parting at this point.

Abusers do not deserve fantastic days.

I am really astonished to see their desperation to hold the damn birthday of an abuser is proven.

This woman has admitted several times that he abused her husband, she was arrested for abusing his wife, but of course, twitteemos on her because she is nice and keeps the fans male looking. Women never face consequences for their actions when it comes to being abusadoras known.

Amber Heard deserves to be in prison. People want to see it in outfit orange. I can’t wait for that.

These are some of the things he did to Johnny Depp: 1. Defecated in his bed 2. I cut off the tip of your finger 3. Threw things 4. Yelled 5. Retained his medical care. Having a vagina does not justify their crimes

Look at the amount of likes on here compared to your number of likes. I think it’s safe to say that people who like Amber Heard as a character Aquaman is a dwindling number. Just think about how hurt your franchise as more and more listen to the audio tapes.

Well, she will not receive this message because you are hiding somewhere out of shame because every truth that came out of his mouth lately. I Contrólense, people! No one wants to know this woman!

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