What a perfect movie! So called James Gunn a classic of the 80

We all have a movie that we consider to be a masterpiece of cinematography, no matter your gender or the opinion of others, we think that this feature should be considered a cult film, and the directors of Hollywood have the same idea, since according to James Gunn, ‘Back to the Future’ is perfect.

Surely, this opinion of Gunn the have share thousands of people around the world, and it is not for less, because ‘Back to the Future’ is considered one of the best science fiction movies of all time, at least their first two deliveries. Now we understand the reason why the director of so well in this genre.

James Gunn has been making his quarantine time to continue working on the upcoming movie ‘The Suicide Squad’, but has also been joking with his followers, so he did not hesitate in joining the conversation, when the hashtag Five Perfect Movies emerged Tuesday on Twitter, in fact, the director had the luxury of writing a small comment.

What is a “perfect movie? For me, a perfect movie can be different from a favorite movie, or a great movie. A perfect movie is something that sings from beginning to end without any obvious errors, whether they are aesthetic or structural. There is No logical flaws.

Back to the Future’ apparently could be imperfect (why mom and dad don’t remember Marty?), but even so, I would say that it is a perfect movie because there are reasons why this might be so (the time it protects itself not to unravel, etc). Or maybe I’m in denial. Who knows” said the director.

The remaining movies that made the list of James Gunn were, ‘Chinatown’, ‘Rashomon’, ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ and ‘The Thing’, with what the director made it clear that gender does not matter in the choice of their favorite, surely many of us have several of these movies within our top five.

It is as well according to James Gunn ‘Back to the Future’ is perfect, this opinion is shared by the star of the MCU, Tom Holland, who previously has declared that is not interested in making a reebot of this film, for the simple reason that it’s perfect as is.

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