What do you think? The 10 options of Netflix more elected in Argentina


Netflix still confirming that it is the ideal companion for passing the quarantine imposed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and that is why you are the 10 options chosen in Argentina this last time.

To confirm our words is worth saying that the giant streaming just to add, nothing less, that nearly 16 million users in 2020.

In that sense, the first choice for the argentine within the platform of video on demand is “Focus, teachers of the scam”, a dramatic comedy starring Will Smith and Margot Robbie. The plot presents two con artists who cross paths in life and at work. Fact: a large part of the film was recorded in Buenos Aires.

“The trial” is the second chosen within the catalog the company of open capital. The series Italian is ideal for lovers of mystery since they are looking for the culprit of a murder and a prosecutor is a question of verifying that the daughter of a businessman did.

The second part of the Trilogy of Baztán, “The legacy of the huegos” completes the podium initial Netflix Argentina. It is the adaptation to the books of Dolores Redondo and presents insightful research that examines the suicide of several prisoners.

Newly released in the Californian brand“The Last Dance”, the documentary that recounts the last years of the career of Michael Jordan already is positioned in the first positions. We highlight the surprising revelations of the star of the Chicago Bulls on the privacy and the excesses at that time.

“The Dragon, the return of a warrior” is a crime drama that conquered the argentine and is located in the primary listing of the platform founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. The synopsis presents “a young man who comes from a family of drug dealers and you should be in charge of the business.”

Another option Netflix Inc. is “War in the sawmill”, a French film that tells of how the owner of the establishment located drugs hidden in the right place when I was looking to sell it to ensure the future of his daughter.

In case outside little, the company that started renting DVDs by mail added a new reality that promises to give that talk: “Playing with fire”. Ten contestants, five men, and five women, living in a resort but will be rewarded with 100,000 dollars if you do not kiss or have the approach of some kind.

“Unorthodox”, the latest great success of the streaming platform at the global level is still in the first place in Argentina. The history of Esty, seeking a future in Berlin, away from the stifling orthodox Jewish community where she lived with her husband, struck a chord in users.

The list of the firm was founded in 1997 almost closes with “The House of Paper”, the Spanish series most successful of the signature, which just premiered its fourth season, where the robbers and the teacher will remain at the Bank of Spain.

Finally, the top 10 Netflix in Argentina closes with “Sergio”, a drama that premiered in January of 2020, where he chronicles the life of Sergio Vieira de Mello, the diplomat carioca who died in 2003 after a terrorist attack in Iraq.