What to wear during the quarantine? See what becomes of ‘fashion’


It is amazing how it has all changed from one moment to another, isn’t it? Just in a matter of days, the coronavirus has completely transformed our way of living. If we think about it, from the way in which we relate to others, even the clothing we wear is different now. Probably, most of us are in pajamas just at this instant; just like yesterday… And the day before yesterday. Our wardrobe must be wondering what happened to us!

And is that who has not been questioned: “what do I wear street clothes if I’m going to stay here in the house? After all, to me nobody is going to see and so I am more comfortable.” This has some logic, but… Mmm, what if it will be good to stay like this all day, every day? Spoiler alert: no. Obviously, it is not good.

Many of us are working from home and the simple fact of bathe and change our clothes makes a sort of click in our mind and puts us in the mood indicated. Rather, we change the chip. Stay in your pajamas and work lying down in bed can negatively affect our productivity and even our mood.

According to Eduardo Sánchez Navarro, dean, national School of Design, Communication and Fine Arts of Areandina, the outfit it can affect our emotions and, therefore, in our daily performance. “Warm colors: clear, neutral, cotton clothing; even the jerseys; jeans can also be a very good alternative for we are at home, working, tending to our daily commitments, the better way,” he advised.

When we’re at home, it is ideal to dress with comfortable clothes, but that does not mean that we are to “walk in, murder” all the time, right?. The comfort and the style itself combine and to prove it we have made a small list of some of the garments are comfortable and fashionable, perfect for this quarantine.

Face mask with design

This trend, which originated some years ago in Asia due to air pollution, it has become popular with the spread of the coronavirus. In fact, now their use is mandatory in public transport systems and crowded places, such as drugstores, supermarkets, and pharmacies. That is why, from the biggest fashion houses to local entrepreneurs are manufacturing and marketing this type of clothing.

In Pereira, for example, a young woman launched her own line of face mask antibacterial and reusable with different designs. Laura Gómez, fashion designer of Areandina, began to make and sell these garments with a fabric anti fluids (certified by the Invima) a few weeks ago through Instagram.

How to protect yourself, help the environment and support entrepreneurship in colombia, without losing the style? That sounds awesome! You can see all their face mask with designs on @lauragomezclothes.


The hoodies are, perhaps, the emblem of the sporty chicthis is a trend that has become popular during the past few years and plan to stay for a long time. Basically, it is combining sportswear with clothing semi formal. It is the fashion most comfortable!

The first divers with a hood emerged in the 1930s, as part of the clothing of the workers of the warehouses of frozen food products in northern New York. His humble origin became a symbol of the marginalization, but their usefulness soon brought them to the sports arenas.

At the end of the 70s, when the iconic Rocky Balboa walked on the screens of the cinemas of americans with a sweaty and worn out hoodie gray, the hip-hop culture was born in the streets of the capital of the world and this garment fit perfectly to your profile and rebellious underground.

With time, and its identification in iconography with the margins, other subcultures urban began using it, to the point that they called the attention of large manufacturers of clothing, such as Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren, and even to designers of couture such as Gucci and Versace, catapulting so the hoodie to the great catwalks of europe.

Morning joggers

Yes, obviously the sweatpants could not be left out of this “sport fashion”. They are comfortable, cute and very versatile. It can be combined with a myriad of garments to create looks amazing!!!

Although this trend, also known as athleisurecomes, causing an uproar from 2016, in reality, have nearly 100 years. In the mid-1920s, and noticing how different sports earned their popularity, designers of the likes of Coco Chanel and Rene Lacoste (a fan of tennis) began to include sports wear such as shorts and t-shirts “polo” in their sophisticated collections.

Today sporty chic or athleisure has reached its highest point and celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid or Hailey Baldwin have been normalizing the use of outfits sporty on the street, in the office and even at parties.

● Slippers

Our footwear favorite! From 2016, in the united States began to impose the fashion of using slippers in the street and the industry began to innovate in their designs to adapt to the new trend. Today we can not leave the house, but wearing these shoes with our looks casual.

Apart from comfortable and cute, the slippers of Bert are made with recycled materials from other industries. The soles are made with rubber tire recycling, the uppers with coupons of fashion brands and the neoprene with a patchwork of products physiotherapy. ¡In addition, for every pair that is sold, you sterilize a dog without a home! In this way, it reduces our footprint on the planet and improving the quality of life of these animals.

Slippers, morning joggers, hoodies, face mask with design… Well, it seems that now that we have several garments for our outfit quarantine. Could it be that they can be combined with other? Of course! The important thing is to meet up again with our style and adapt it to our new needs, leaving the pajamas only to sleep.