Who are becoming the children of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt during the quarantine?

Like many couples during this quarantine, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have had to come to a consensus unprecedented to be able to spend time with their six children without having to move to the same house.

The former spouse took precedence over the welfare of his family and solved the challenge to the established in mansions five minutes away in the luxurious neighborhood Los Feliz, in Los Angeles, to be able to transfer their children between their homes during confinement; reported Daily Mail.

As a result of the agreement, the happy Shiloh, Pax, Zahara and the twins Vivienne and Knox, they are sharing their days isolated with both parents in the nearby houses that are escorted by drivers and bodyguards of the superstars, highlights the middle.

On the other hand, Maddox you can decide how and where to spend your time as you are of age. Although, since you said that dispute with his father in a private jet in 2016, both have maintained a distant relationship.

The agreement between the exesposos is given four years after they decided to divorce and start a battle for custody of their children. Fortunately, in 2018 came to an agreement where Jolie was left with the primary custody and Pitt had the right to spend time with their children.

Brad Pitt celebrates spending time with their children during quarantine

Although the Covid-19 has been a grief for the whole world, the winner of the Oscar 56-year-old believes that the time is going on with their children during the social isolation is a “big glimmer of hope” for him, revealed a source exclusively to the middle HollywoodLife.

Brad is closer than ever to his sons and continues to watch them during the confinement“confirmed the anonymous.“You still spend a lot of quality time with him, in fact most of what you have done in a long time, because they all are”.

The informant continued by explaining: “Neither Angie or Brad are in the location at this time and the children do not see their friends or go out to take extracurricular classes, so somehow this has meaning even more quality time for all. Brad appreciates your time with your childrenand , therefore, a great glimmer of hope in this crazy moment is more quality time with them.”

The relationship of Brad Pitt and Maddox has improved

In addition, the insider he commented that “the relationship of Brad with Zahara it is wonderful, she adores her father. There has never been a problem there, so there was nothing to improve”. Meanwhile, he said that the communication with the interpreter of “once Upon a time in Hollywood” with his eldest son is improving.

“Brad really loves his children and they love him. Yes, there was a time when things were strained between him and Maddox, but that has improved a lot. Brad is very happy with the direction in which it is directed. However, it does not share much, is very private when it comes to children. Protects your privacy with your life,” he concluded.

According to Daily MailBrad lives his days with his children in a home that he purchased in 1994 for $ 1.7 million and has two swimming pools, a trampoline, a bowl for skating and plenty of space for their darlings to play.

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