Will Hugh Jackman play Wolverine in an upcoming movie? | Film | Entertainment


Though Hugh Jackman had left open the possibility of returning as Wolverine, the actor now has a different perspective about to play this popular character.

In an interview with the web portal The Daily Beast, the actor stated that he left this role at the right time, then starring in ‘Logan’,in 2017, and that that stage as a superhero has come to an end.

“If that had happened seven years ago, I would say: ‘Oh, yes!’, but I knew that the time was right to leave the festival (the cinema of superheroes), not only for me, but also for the character,” said the actor about his work on ‘Logan’.

But Jackman would not be opposed to Wolverine’s return to the big screen, on the contrary, is quite in accordance with the character to appear in the Movie Universe of Marvel with another actor. The australian does not seem evil to the idea that Logan is one of the battles of the ‘avengers’.

“Someone else will take it and will continue with him. Is a character too good to not do it,” said. “It’s something like, you’re on the way home and your friend calls you and says: ‘Oh, friend, just get a new DJ and the music is amazing, are you going to come back?’ And you say: ‘it Sounds good, but… no.’ They are ok with someone else”.

But to someone that yes you would like to interpret it again to a X-Men is Sophie Turner, who gave life to Jean Grey. The young actress has said that would you like to be a part of new productions of Marvel Studios, although the company has not confirmed if you have new projects for the mutants or Deadpool.

“I have No idea what the agreement is, if Disney wants to continue with the story of X-Men. I’ll always be willing to return to this character, along with that deal, and to repeat that experience… we had a great time making those movies. Would kill to go back,” said Turner in an interview for Variety. (E)