YosStop confesses to having a crush with this famous


YosStop published on April 20, a new video to your channel Youtubea video in which you try to guess the age of the celebrity, as I was reviewing each one of them, and guessing where they had participated.

In that sense, the youtuber he confessed that he has a crush with Jamie Dornan, whom he considered very handsome, after that appeared among the photos of the celebrities who had to guess. This actor is known for his participation in 50 shades of grey.

  • “There is this wey this very handsome, it is the 50 shades of grey, if is very handsome this wey, hazme eyes papi…I like that age, and he also”, said the youtuber in your video.

The famous us made it clear in the video that has a taste for older men, because you threw compliments to people with Bradley Cooper, Chris Hemsworth or Chris Evans.

Watch the video of YosStop

The youtuber caused the laughter of his followers, because in this video he has had to try to guess the ages of celebrities such as Gloria Trevi, Alejandro Fernandez, Ricky Martin, and many others, of course, failed moving for many years.

For example Scarlett Johansson put years of more, because he considered that he was 40 years old, when, in reality, is 35.

  • “That poor wave to me I saw with her, but suddenly hears the actresses of hollywood are 80 and look 50″

Yoseline Hoffman, best known only as YosStop’ve spent a few months very hard emotionally, because at the end of 2019 announced that his dad had died, a situation that made him very sad, however, in the last few weeks has been hypothesized how happy you are in your couple relationship.

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This 2020 painted to be a year of emotional recovery, however, with the running of the bulls because of the quarantine, Yoseline does what it can, and most importantly, keeps you entertained their fans with their videos.