You can’t believe it!: It’s as easy as you can be a part of Friends, and reuniting with Jennifer Aniston!

For the children –and not-so – kids of the 90’ Friends scored a way of seeing life. For young people it may seem a bit exaggerated but for the time, that a transmission of ten years will end up how it ended was a blow. Despite the insistence of the protagonists by get rid of Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross and Joe, the public continued to consume.

Today we can dispose of any chapter in its original channel, Warner and also on Netflix. A few months ago the fans we woke up to the news that we look forward to 16 years ago: a meeting of the sextet. Due to the COVID-19the recordings of the broadcast special for the recaudarían a million dollars each, had to be postpone.

This morning, the world awoke to the news that he left without breathing more than one. Friends you invites to participate in the program with five of your friends. Backed by HBO’s Max, the actors simultaneously published the announcement. The award will be present in the reunion tv and being able to take coffee at the historical bar ‘Central Perk’.

What is there to do? Perform a donation from $ 10 and you’re already participating. We also can’t believe that it is so easy! In the framework of “All In Challenge” the proposal is to pay the expenses required to prevent and combat the coronavirus, and the proceeds will be destined to Feeding America and World Central Kitchen.

Jennifer Aniston it was the first to publish the press release with a photo of his friends. Attached to which all are invited to be part of ‘vip’ of the special delivery and both she and her classmates will donate part of its collection staff. Admitted to be very excited. A few minutes later, the rest of the actors did the same.

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