YouTube released its own content on the COVID19


YouTube Originals

YouTube Originals, the channel of original content with series and films produced by YouTube, will offer in the next few days exclusive content related to the coronaviruses and with the current situation of social isolation, such as educational programs, contests and competitions among stars of YouTube and reality shows that will display the life of celebrities like Jospeh Gordon-Levitt during the confinement.

YouTube Originals premiere series, documentaries and programs that show you the reality of the famous during the confinement

These programs have as goal, in addition to educate, entertain and encourage users to make donations to different non-governmental organizations that are playing an important role during the crisis by the coronavirus. For the moment, we have announced 10 programs, which are the following:

-“Money Talks: Tax”: This is a program about economics, produced by Refinery29, a channel dedicated to finance to women. In this program, several experts in finance will address the most common questions about the economy, personal and domestic. Will offer a step by step guide on how to manage taxes during this crisis, although it is focused to an american audience.

“Stay Home With: YUNGBLUD”: This reality weekly show you the life of the british artist YUNGBLUD, which is confined in an apartment in Los Angeles, along with four friends, their manager and several members of his band. Viewers will be able to see the young artists to record a music video, compose their songs and the reality of their day-to-day, trying to connect with his family in England.

-“The Secret Life of Lele Pons”: To be released on may 19 and will show the viewer the more intimate aspects of the life of the artist from YouTube Lele Pons during the confinement, and her battle with Tourette Syndrome, and the disorder obsessive compulsive disorder you have.

-“Locked Down”: Locked Down is a series recorded exclusively with a mobile phone and webcam, in which a group of teenagers in isolated, should be resolved from the distance of the mysterious disappearance of a neighbor. The series will move forward with the findings of the group, which in addition face the mystery, must fight against the frustration and the anxiety that produces isolation.

-“The Creator Games Present by MrBeast”: On the 25th of April will be broadcasted live this world-wide event presented by the youtuber Mr.Beast, on which various stars will face off in the distance to a competition game where there can only be one winner.

-“Create Together #WithMe”: This mini-series presented by Joseph Gordon Levitt, will have in each chapter and celebrity guests, friends and family and show, through a collaborative art project, how the isolation affects the different creative processes of people.

-“#MoveWithMe”: This program on dance was released on 29 April, International Dance Day, and will have as a presenter choreographer Matt Stefanina and will feature dancers from all over the world, which collected the witness of the hashtag #MoveWithMe which was released to stay in shape during the confinement.

-“Stream #WithMe”: This program will be broadcasted live on the 30th of April and will count with the presence of the youtubers best known of the Uk, who will talk about their experiences during confinement and will share tips and tricks to keep you in shape and entertained.

-“Celibrity Substitute”: In this series, actors and stars from around the world unite to teachers to help them in their classes. This initiative aims to keep students motivated during the confinement. The series will show Ken Jeong giving a biology class and will have other special guests like Bill Nye or Terry Crews.

-“BookTube: Read with Me Special and Mental Health Episode”: This special episode of the reading club, largest YouTube, take you to several of the writers most sold in the world as James Patterson, John Grisham or Melinda Gates, for that they recommend their favorite books to the audience.

-“Untitled Juanpa and Luisito Project”: This programme will bring together two stars of YouTube Latin american Juanpa Zurita and Luisito Comunica, gathering stories from around the world about the isolation and the effects of COVID19. Display stories of triumph, inspiration and hope, and will allow users to connect and tell their own story.

In addition, these programs will join others that are already in place as “Kevin Hart: What the Fit”, the new season of the series spinoff of “Karate Kid”, “Cobra Kai” and other projects of YouTube Originals. In addition, for the duration of the situation of isolation by COVID-19, YouTube Originals will provide some other content such as tv shows and movies free of charge under the hashtag #QuédateEnCasa.