A message from Henry Cavill by earthquakes in Mexico, is layed before pandemic


National media, spread the message that the british actor Henry Cavill sent to Mexico almost three years ago, in support of the population by the earthquake of September 19, 2017, and made a mention that the words of the actor were in support of the pandemic Covid-19.

The video began making the rounds on social media with the caption “it’s Not a bird, not a plane, it’s Henry Cavill by sending a message to Super Love Mexico!”, and some users identified that it was the message that the protagonist of the tape Batman vs. Superman: the origin of the justicepublished September 22, 2017 in its official account of instagram.

“Dear Mexico, I know that you are going through a difficult time, but I would like to save this message because it is one of my favorite places to visit. I appreciate because I always get good vibes and energy, and I would like to return the favor with this message of hope, good wishes and positive energy, as well as a rapid reconstruction. Good Luck,” said the actor.

As the message reported by Henry makes no mention of a specific problem in Mexico, means of communication, such as Millennium and television News highlighted that it was a message of hope to the Covid-19; however, the date and “hashtags”, used by the actor in his publication, makes it clear that it is a message of hope by the earthquakes of September 2017.

One of the reasons why the video of Cavill, it was taken as recent, is because it was edited with the watermark of the application of videos Tik tok, which took momentum in the last few months when users downloaded to create the content in the quarantine by the pandemic; however, the actor does not have a profile official in such a platform.

In social networks, people highlighted that despite not being a recent message of the protagonist of the series The Witcher, released in 2019, your words are an encouragement for any time of uncertainty that Mexico have.

We leave you the video that was published in 2017.

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