Alex Morgan reveals his worst fear of being pregnant in this quarantine


The footballer and the figure of the Selection of soccer of the United States Alex Morgan, is about to be the mom of her first child, however, not everything is rosy for the front, as recently revealed to a magazine your worst fear in this quarantine.

Morgan said she has a lot of fear of not being accompanied by her husband at this special time, but circumstances have forced them to be away.

“I would not feel very comfortable giving birth without my husband or my doula (a person who cares for pregnant women), but especially without my husband. No woman should be forced to go through the most painful, intense and beautiful of your life without your partner, and giving birth in the hospital. These changes have caused an immense anxiety and unnecessary stress for the mothers,“ said the scorer.

She took the time to talk about the injuries that have pursued throughout his career, however, he stressed that they were obstacles that showed everything that can be achieved.

“I’ve had many sports injuries are important and I have felt a lot of pain. I feel that if you don’t experiment it, I will never know what he could truly do, what I am capable of,“ said Morgan.

It should be noted that her husband is a soccer player Servando Carrasco, who has mexican ancestry, and has played on teams like THE Galaxy and Hosuton Dynamo.