All get nostalgic and remember the crush they had with Fergie



Today all they feel a little nostágicos, I don’t know if it is the encierro, or because we were really happy about there 2010 and didn’t know that. Twitter users they do and created a trend without a lot of sense, or better yes because we remember how amazing were The Black Eyed Peas and all the crush that I had with Fergie.

This morning the word Fergie it is currently positioned in the trending topic and we all remember how good she was this woman, who is the only person on this earth that you will see well the piercing of his eyebrow, and probably if I would have followed in his career would be in direct competition with Cardi B and Nicky Minaj.

And this nostalgia is fired after share time and time again one of the great successes of Black Eyed Peas, Pump It in the part where Fergie sings

Twitter users began to share their memories they had of Fergie, how much the admired and really missing his presence in the music world.

The latest from Fergie

Although he tried to resume his career after fulfilling his dream of being a mom was not as strong the reception from the fans then from one day to the other we had to Fergie with a lot of moms famous and a top model, Jon Kortajarena in its simple M. I. L. F. $