An entrepreneur ‘takes refuge’ of the Covid-19 in a ‘ghost town’ that you bought


Brent Underwood was stranded on the ranch by a heavy snow storm and just when you imposed social distancing measures in the EU.

24, 2020

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What place in the world you refugiarías of the coronavirus if you had all the money in the world? Since this is a historic moment for maintaining social distance and isolation, why not do it in a ghost town?

The entrepreneur Brent Underwood and your friend Jon Bier bought in July 2013 Cerro Gordo, a mining town founded in 1865 and has been abandoned for over 100 years.

In a video posted on YouTube this week, Underwood, 32, explains that he and his friend spent all his savings to acquire the ghost town.

The town of Cerro Gordo is located in the Inyo Mountains in California. In its time it hosted more than 4,500 workers of the silver mines most prosperous of the area, but when the mineral and the water were gone, the village was abandoned.

According to reports The Daily Mail, Underwood acquired the property of 1.2 square kilometers by 1.4 million dollars with the idea of reinhabiting her and turn it into a tourist destination. Currently you can visit the ghost town agendando an appointment.

The entrepreneur was to visit the ghost town to review how they were remodeling just when implementing the measures of social isolation in the united States to stop the coronavirus. A snow storm that threw him a meter and a half of snow has made it impossible to get out of the ghost town, and Underwood is surviving on cans of tuna and rice, because the ranch doesn’t have running water or store food.

Image: Brent Underwood via Instagram

While Underwood has a pair of shoes for snow at your disposal, these are not very useful in the deep snow that covers the steep 11-mile road that leads to the nearest community, pointing out that they get tired after a few hundreds of meters. And even if you manage to walk so far, would not be of much help anymore in this community, and paneas live 35 people and has no grocery store.

During the greater part of two years that has been the owner of Cerro Gordo, Underwood has the ranch visited all the months, but he left the maintenance in the hands of his carer of 21 years, Robert Desmarais. On this occasion, Desmarais went to visit his family, so that Underwood will be left alone.

Image: via Instagram

In this way, Underwood has been forced to pass the quarantine in a place that is said to be haunted and full of ghosts of the workers who died in the mine.

The place is so far removed from civilization in the 19th century came to accumulate a murder a week, as the police simply did not bother to go up and beyond to solve cases.

The entrepreneur hopes that the rice and the tuna will help him to survive until the snow begins to melt, but understands that her involuntary confinement in the ghost town could be protecting him better than to be in his hometown of Austin, Texas. So soon, Underwood takes advantage of the time uploading content to your social networks to attract more visitors to the ranch when the pandemic ends.

As a curious fact, the common people are sure to recognize the ghost town since it has been used in films such as Iron Man with Robert Downey Jr.

Image: Paramount / Marvel