Anitta makes note to Maluma in bed


Today Anitta and Maluma are two of the major stars of the scene of the reggaeton and a few sex symbols in their own right, that have carved out their reputation with the strike of video clips uploaded tone.

The artists collaborated four years ago in the simple ‘Yes or No’ and by that time I jumped out sparks between them, so it is not surprising that since then they say that binds them to something more than friendship despite the fact that throughout this time, both have maintained a sentimental relationship with other people.

The own brazilian has fueled those rumors with the literature that has been dedicated to the colombian in their social networks. In January, for example, congratulated him on the occasion of his birthday by collecting a number of photographs that had shown their immense complicity, and that accompanied by the message: “Merry meet, my love. I love you, I hate you, I love you again. For always…”

Now Anitta has gone a step further revealing that the singer is a great lover and thus confirming indirectly that at some time in the past lived a passionate romance.

“It is very good in bed,” he revealed in an interview with Maurício Meirelles.

Although the interpreter never has sinned precisely demure, but on this occasion he had a good reason to leave the tongue: she was committed to responding with all sincerity a question ‘delicate’ if the fundraising that was taking place in the program in which he participated by video call, to help industry colleagues who have lost their jobs during the crisis of the coronavirus, exceeded a certain amount of money, and when it happened, he wanted to remain faithful to his word.

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