Ariana Grande accepted the challenge of Madonna’s What it will be?

The young star, Ariana Grandeshe was nominated for a tough music industry. What for? With the aim of being part of a great work of charity for those most affected by the Covid-19. With the name of “All in Challenge” this challenge has been accepted by major celebrities, not just singers or musicians, also athletes recognized.

Maddona, nominated Thursday afternoon to the interpreter “7 Rings” and this without hesitation accepted it. Even, Large reported to have had some time to contribute to the cause personally. Through your account in Twitter thanked to be taken into account and said he was very happy to be part of this project.

“Thank you for nominating me. I am very excited to participate in the #allinchallenge. 100% of the proceeds go to four incredible charities that I personally love and I have been supporting:” were the exact words of Ariana Grande for the “queen”.

Does the head of Ariana Grande is good?

Despite the fact that many of his fans were concerned about the mental health of a celebrity, apparently it was just a hunch. If it is true, Big was a bit anonymous, but never published to be suffering some havoc product confinement required. Little by little he has come to public light, even very active! in the last days until you are awarded a new love.

Their appearances usually turn out to be to support a cause, the last time, came out in a special edition of the Disney family in an event Singalone. After interpret “Won t say I m in love“ and give life to “Meg” the better half of Hercules. Part of this, he has been seen with microphones and headphones at home, you could be plotting new projects for their return.

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