Cardi B is admitted to the hospital of emergency in New York


The well-known rapper american, Cardi B, is admitted to emergency due to a sharp stomach pain, which apparently already has controlled.

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It was through his personal account on Twitter that Cardi B, issued a message sharing to his followers that he was in the emergency room of a New York City hospital, later that message was deleted.

Upon learning of the hospitalization of the famous rapper, the fans obviously began to wonder if it was another case infected of the virus that has swept across the globe orbit. However, it was just in your deleted message where Cardi makes it clear that it was an intense stomach pain that at least it had lasted four days already.

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Cardi shared a photo of your arm, where you could see the cuff of the centre where he was admitted. “Honestly, I have been suffering from a very bad stomach pain for 4 days. I went to emergency last night and now I feel better, I hope that tomorrow it will not feel any pain”, said the now defunct twett.

To the relief of his fans, the emergency was nothing more than a scare and Cardi, already has returned to resume his normal activities in social networks. Currently, the interpreter of “I like it” has returned to share his traditional message filled with the humor of the one who has already accustomed to the users of the networks that follow, letting you know, this way that fortunately you feel much better.

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Remember that Cardi B, some days it was trend in social networks due to a hilarious mix that made their fans to a video she shared, giving his feeling towards the pandemic. It became a trend and, unintentionally, launched with one of his best successes, as it became viral in a video where it shows quite scared thanks to the current virus. However, such a fear is not infected to the users on the internet, those who took the clip with quite a lot of humor by making the words of the famous rapper in a song, in the style Cardi.

The remix of the interpreter, it quickly became viral and was placed in the trends of social networks.
It was through his Instagram official that the rapper shared that he felt panicked before the contingency and the extreme measures they are taking to prevent the spread.

While she was trying to talk about a very serious issue, the networks were not long in doing a meme and a hit musical.