Celebrities, and his long fight for sobriety


After the fame and the luxury many times is a difficult past, this combined with the pressure of recognition, do that drugs and alcohol are a poor refuge for the stars. EXPRESSIONS he tells of several cases that have to face their problems with addictions, and today they are happy with their sobriety.


❚❘ Rapper american met yesterday 12 years of sobriety to alcohol and drugs, is an important moment for their life, and for which it has been able to stay current in the music scene. Not for nothing was one of the artists in singing in the last delivery of the Oscars. “Oh, a dozen clean, I’m in the books! I am not afraid”, wrote Marshall Bruce Mathers III, his real name, in its official account of Instagram.

Demi Lovato

❚❘ Demi Lovato defines herself as a “warrior”. And is that life’s circumstances have been difficult in your environment. His biological father had problems of addiction. She is in her teens also began to have the first approach to marijuana, alcohol and hard drugs. In 2018 he had his third admission to a clinic for detoxification, and today it has returned to being sober and to resume his career.

Zac Efron

❚❘ Zac Efron is one of the leading men most important in the film. Became known for his role in the movie High School Musical, Disney Channel. Although he always had a clean image, in 2013, Zac entered rehab, he had to pay bail to get out for an altercation in the roadway and the crash of a car. Since then, it keeps you sober.


❚❘ The singer acknowledged in January 2014 that it had serious problems related to the consumption of alcohol. The constant drinking problems were an annoyance to your team and it led him to opt for a professional help: “The concern among the people most close to she has been on the rise. It is a part of Kesha and his legend, since he had never hidden that she liked to drink a lot.” After the problems with his old producer, his music no longer speaks of parties and excesses. Wants to be an inspiration for their followers.

Kelly Osbourne

❚❘ Tv presenter Kelly Osbourne is one of the few celebrities that were recovered after hitting bottom, because despite going many times to rehab relapsed again. The only thing that helped her out of that world of drugs and alcohol was his force of will. Now he helps his father in the campaign #StayHomeForOzzy to entertain people in the pandemic.