Chris Hemsworth: ‘The films of Marvel harn people back to the cinemas’


The film est very touched by the pandemic of coronavirus. The cinema halls have been closed to prevent the propagacin of the disease, and that est delaying premieres and damaging to the normal performance of the summer season. Marvel that reconfigur all the premieres of the Phase 4 for this situation, it takes several months of dealing with this situation. While the industry cinematogrfica checks for new formulas of distribution, digital Chris Hemsworth, actor who has given life to Thor in a multitude of tapes, believes that these are precisely the films of Marvel that will make people back to the cinemas.

Looking for normal with the superhroes

The united states, that in these moments est by evaluating the security measures necessary to reopen the cinemas in may and June, is aware that the large chains will have serious difficulties to re-open and attract customers. The main majors not querrn brand new large tape for fear of the poor results in the box officeas already pas in China, which was forced to close the meeting to the few das for fear of a resurgence of the COVID-19. In this scenario, there are actors like Chris Hemsworth, who feel that some sagas have the power to attract the public. According to has confessed to Inquirer, Hemsworth explained that they are the tapes of Marvel, as are plant in China, the only in order to return people to the cinemas.

“The films, as Marvel, you can enjoy them better on the big screen, volvern to get people out of their homes”he said while it is aware of the increase of the streaming in the industry, an aspect that Warner also highlighted wi yesterday. In fact, if we look at the box office of DC and Marvel, the two major franchises or licenses to you in this new scenario blockbusterswe are not happen best engines economical to attract new people to the people to the cinemas.

Alberto Gonz